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Treat electricity with caution and respect

The following safety guidelines apply to any power line, including smaller distribution lines that serve electricity to your home or business, and transmission lines such as those Great River Energy builds. View our brochure.

If you see a broken power line, DO NOT touch it. Stay away from it and call 911.


Stay safe when flying kites, building fires or hunting. Take caution during lightning storms.

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Irrigation and watering

Never allow a solid stream of water to hit a power line wire.

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Machinery and vehicles

Dos and don’ts regarding farm equipment, trucks and automobiles.

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Different safety guidelines apply to electric and non-electric fences.

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Building or planting

Proper clearances around power lines are required.

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Safe practices

We use safe practices and follow NERC and NESC standards.

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Copper theft awareness

Learn about copper theft and what you can do to help prevent it.

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Substation arc flash PPE list for our members

View a list of the personal protective equipment required for arc flash protection at each of our members’ distribution substations.

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