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Baseload power generation with coal

Great River Energy’s three baseload power plants comprise the backbone of our electric generation system. These plants run all day, every day in order to meet the energy needs of our members.

Coal Creek Station

Great River Energy’s largest power plant has a capacity of more than 1,100 megawatts.

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Coal refining

Our patented coal refining project, called DryFining™, will refine lignite coal producing a fuel with lower moisture content which will generate power more efficiently with fewer emissions.

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Fly ash

Great River Energy markets the fly ash produced from its coal based power plants

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Spiritwood Station

The newest power plant in our generation fleet, this combined-heat-and-power plant near Jamestown, N.D. sets new efficiency and environmental standards for coal.

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Stanton Station

Our 190-megawatt power plant located near Stanton, North Dakota provides reliable baseload power to our members.

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Falkirk Mine

The North American Coal Corporation’s Falkirk Mine supplies coal to Coal Creek Station.

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